Many companies are becoming aware of the importance of having a Cloud-first strategy as the path towards achieving their digital transformation goals. While a few years ago businesses were deliberating whether to embark on the Cloud journey or not, today we’re seeing a different level of maturity and a greater interest in seizing the opportunity of introducing new IT models.

“We get it; the Cloud is the way to go. So, how do we make it happen?”

This change of direction from build-IT to consume-IT models doesn’t mean that companies will always opt for a Cloud solution, but they are taking it into consideration. Choosing the right Cloud solution typically implies going through a steep learning curve in which many of the company’s stakeholders are directly involved and Cloud Partners play a significant role in facilitating that shift.

A profitable Cloud Partner business

There is a huge appetite to leverage the Cloud on the customer side, which provides an unparalleled opportunity for Partners to also transform their business into a Cloud revenue model.

Cloud sales have become a revenue accelerator for service providers, especially in such a tough competitive environment. The most effective way to start building a profitable Cloud business is by having a Star Seller team which is able to tilt the balance in your favour.

The Azure Star Seller Program 2.0 takes you through the process of preparing and carrying out tactical sales discussions to articulate, position and sell services based on Microsoft Azure. It starts with a Baseline of Azure Sales, including core training sessions about Cloud, Digital Transformation, and Azure sales fundamentals.

It then continues with 3 specific Azure Sales tracks of your choice to specialize in 2017: Infrastructure Services Track, Application Track, and Data & Analytics Track. If you are a Partner looking into making your Cloud business profitable, you know that specialization is key.

The courses follow proven participant engagement methodology. Every webinar session is designed to deliver highly valuable, 200-level education on selling core, advanced and expert Azure Sales Scenarios without disrupting your daily work.

Another perk from the program is that you can earn yourself recognition with an AZURE STAR SELLER BADGE!

Azure Star Seller Program 2.0 Gain a competitive edge with Cloud Sales