B2B digital marketing is that critical but yet mysterious territory for many companies. You know you need to do digital, you’re aware your customers and potential clients have their eyes on the screens and you’ve tried several marketing techniques. However, you feel like you’re not using it to its full potential. There’s a B2B digital opportunity that if used effectively, can help you build stronger B2B digital relationships with clients and reach an increasingly younger crowd of B2B buyers who have higher expectations from brands.

Half of all B2B buyers are millennials


A successful digital marketing plan focuses on demand generation to raise awareness of your activity, generate more quality leads, increase sales and customer engagement.

Starting with the basics, when you are a B2B technology company, there are two conditions you must fulfil for a good start in taking up the B2B digital opportunity:

  • Be online and do it the proper way. The key part here is how: mobile responsive, social media presence, etc.
  • Educate your B2B customers with content. You’ll want to nurture them before they’re ready to have a sales conversation.

Even though B2B enterprises are not as mature as their B2C peers, there are some companies that are doing really well by using digital to drive engagement and grow sales. This sets the standard for the rest and raises the expectations of business customers. They demand nothing short of a great digital experience when they head online to find solutions to their problems. Imagine what this means in terms of changes in content consumption or decision making considering that already half of all B2B buyers are millennials.

When your customers move along the sales funnel, even before they consider buying, you should provide them with useful and educational content that speaks to their pressing needs. The modern client is eager to learn, discover ways to improve their business and read interesting pieces they can benefit from to make better business decisions. Try to do it in an engaging, less technical way, give them a good variety of content and tell your brand story in a more consumerized manner. After all, businesses are in a way similar to people.


The best way to start taking on the B2B Digital Opportunity is by developing a strategy with the right mix of digital marketing techniques that focus on generating demand and growing lead generation. The components of digital B2B can vary from company to company depending on resources, goals and their audience. A marketing bundle that works well for B2B companies includes social selling, lead gen, content, search, email, and analytics. If you master those, you’ll be well ahead of the game.

Let’s go a little more in detail. Here are some of the must-haves that you should be including in your brand’s digital marketing set up. Not all are listed here, but these are all important:

  • Have a responsive website optimized for mobile. Emails, blog posts, videos, web browsing…they’ll be mostly consumed on the go.
  • Work on your organic search results to be found. Buyers look up and research about you before they even start talking to any of your sales guys.
  • Create useful and educational content. Business decisions are complex and customers first consume a great deal of content that addresses their purchase questions.
  • Use visuals and a good variety of formats. Visual content tells more in less time and offers different formats, making your content more attractive.
  • Warm up your prospect space with social selling. Use social media as part of your sales-marketing strategy to find the right prospect and build better relationships.


At Consalta, we’ve put in place a series of webinars talking about how B2B ICT companies who sell cloud, ERP services, etc. can embrace the online opportunity, while growing their business through digital marketing.

For instance, you may be trying to figure out how to boost your lead generation through your brand own channels, trying to get your content strategy creation and distribution right or sending out email campaigns that don’t drive the engagement you hoped for.

For this reason, under the umbrella of ‘The B2B digital opportunity’, we’ll cover each of the pieces of the digital marketing puzzle for companies like yours. Every month we’ll deliver one session with the overall goal to give you clear steps and shed light on how you can best utilize your digital presence. The first of our webinar series was related to Social Selling.


Our next webinar session in August will focus on B2B lead generation. Stay tuned for more details!

The B2B Digital Opportunity for ICT companies