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Last year, Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $26.2 billion and, just recently, they took the first step to integrate LinkedIn’s social graph into Office 365 services.

From October 31st, commercial Office 365 subscribers can view LinkedIn profile information within What this means in practice is the integration of LinkedIn profile’s data with Office 365 profile cards, providing a wider view of your professional contacts’ information right in your email interface.

This appears to be just the beginning of a bigger integration plan. Other services such as Dynamics 365 (CRM) will get the same LinkedIn profile integration and it will allow to send InMails and messages directly from Dynamics.


Note: If you have a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account, there’s a solution already available to combine your LinkedIn premium with Dynamics 365 for Sales. Here’s a step by step guide: Dynamics 365 LinkedIn integration.


How to do the integration

The first 2 min of this video gives you an overview of the redesigned O365 profile card, the LinkedIn integration, how you can use it and activate it.


Applications & time savers for you


1. View LinkedIn up-to-date profile information of external contacts (picture, mutual connections, past experience…) right in your inbox.

– This is a great way to learn more about your business contacts and find icebreakers to identify commonalities between you and the person you’re communicating with.


2. See if you’re already connected to a person outside your organization and grow your LinkedIn network directly, in just one click.

3. Also, a good way to build your core network with people and colleagues you see regularly (amazing how many times we forget to connect to our company peers – they are the foundation of our network).

– This is a big help to make connecting and building a powerful network part of your daily routine. Growing your network matters, a lot. Consider that each connection you make on LinkedIn is connected to 110 other professionals, on average. Anything that makes connecting and building your network easier means that you have more opportunities to have the right contacts and leverage connections down the road.


4. Go from email to LinkedIn contacts and build a stronger relationship that allows you to amplify your message.

– More than anything, direct relationships over email are key and the most effective tool for businesses. But it is also true that email messages often stay focused and to the point and it’s just one channel of communication. When you connect with business contacts on LinkedIn, you have an opportunity to widen the scope of the relationship and communicate more about you and your business every time you post content and updates.

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