The latest trendy sales-process, B2B lead generation through social selling, is more than just an overused way of calling for a change towards a new sales approach. In fact, B2B vendors can use social media as a powerful tool that can be leveraged to grab the attention of business buyers, to communicate directly with them and personalize their interactions. B2B buyers seek insights and conversations with vendors on social media, which means that you need to be actively present to make an impact on business decisions.

It doesn’t mean you should completely shift your traditional sales tactics. You may have a very well structured cold calling practice that gives you some high-quality leads. You may also still need to have your sales reps visit a few prospects in person to present your solutions or to close the deal. Anyhow, it doesn’t make sense to abandon what still works for you, just for the sake of integrating this new process.


Instead, try incorporating Social Selling as part of your sales team’s communication, engagement and nurturing tactics. People prefer to do business with people they know and trust, and nurturing through social media channels gives you a scalable way of building relationships, right from your desktop.

There are so many little ways of working on your social engagement. For instance, you could share a prospect’s blog post or congratulate somebody publicly for their achievements. You could join group conversations to make relevant additions and answer questions related to your expertise. You can publish helpful content for every buyer’s stage or simply do more social listening when you’re on social.

There’s one important element that won’t fit in there: your sales pitch. B2B lead generation through social selling is about establishing your personal brand and becoming part of the online community in a meaningful way. The primary focus of your social selling efforts is building future sales opportunities, not closing today’s deal.


If you’d like to change the way you build relationships with prospects, a great place for B2Bs to start is the biggest professional social network, LinkedIn. Here are the 5 most important steps you’ll need to follow before you start generating leads on LinkedIn.


At Consalta, we’ve put in place a series of webinars talking about how B2B ICT companies who sell cloud, ERP services, etc. can embrace the online opportunity, while growing their business through digital marketing.

For instance, you may be trying to figure out how to boost your lead generation through your brand’s own channels, trying to get your content strategy creation and distribution right or sending out email campaigns that don’t deliver the engagement you hoped for.

For this reason, under the umbrella of ‘The B2B digital opportunity’, we’ll cover each of the pieces of the digital marketing puzzle for companies like yours. Every month we’ll deliver one session with the overall goal to give you clear steps and shed light on how you can best utilize your digital presence. The first session of our webinar series was related to Social Selling.

Lead generation: 5 Easy Steps to Generate Leads on LinkedIn [Infographic]