Marketers in the IT industry can no longer succeed with traditional tactics such as events and newsletters. Simply generating popularity through digital channels is also no longer a viable strategy. Moving forward, IT marketers will need a more innovative marketing model to move from popularity to profitability.

The modern IT marketer must navigate a business world that is constantly changing. New marketing solutions are emerging all the time, and there is increasing pressure to adopt data-driven marketing technologies to make marketing more cost-effective. Combined with economic and social disruptions around the world, IT marketers must face a unique set of challenges to prove value and stay successful in the near future.

In Marketing in IT: Time to Move from Popularity to Profitability whitepaper, you will learn the following:

  • The current state of IT marketing
  • The key challenges that are burdening IT marketers
  • How to move toward a performance-oriented marketing model
  • How a specialized marketing agency can support your efforts

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