Do you sell big? Stop throwing your net and get your ABM Spear sharp

A long time ago, in a time known as “the 2000s,” marketers were obsessed with casting these super-wide nets in the hopes of pulling in as many leads as possible. As far as marketers were concerned, the more traffic they could send to their sites, the better

Their underlying philosophy at the time: Attract enough fish into the net, and you were bound to have a few keepers in there somewhere. Over the years, however, an alternative philosophy began to evolve, one that gets rid of the net and replaces it with a spear.

Account-based marketing is a form of marketing that uses highly targeted, personalized campaigns to win over particular accounts. Rather than relying on blanket campaigns that are meant to appeal to an entire market, ABM treats “individual accounts as markets in their own right”

Watch our “Account Based Marketing in IT – Focus on what Matters” webcast and learn how to boost the performance of your marketing initiatives with Account Based Marketing:

  • Performance driven Marketing in tech industry.
  • What is Account Based Marketing, how to get started?
  • The importance of proper targeting and ICP.
  • Personalize and prioritize your outreach and engagements.
  • How to measure and optimize your ABM campaigns?


Speaker: David Balazic, Managing partner