Cloud business boost

Think big and achieve more!

With our specialized Cloud business boost services, we’ll take your business from where it is today to where you want it to be.

  • Discover your gaps,
  • Learn how to adopt the best strategies to deliver your services in the cloud,
  •  Get better at promoting your offerings through digital channels,
  • Upgrade your sales force and processes,
  • Overcome organizational pitfalls.

A journey toward growth and business transformation

Discover your gaps, learn how to adopt the best strategies to deliver your services in the cloud, get better at promoting your offerings through digital channels, upgrade your sales force and processes, overcome organizational pitfalls. Think big and achieve more!

Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll help you accelerate your business’ performance through our Cloud business boost services.

Cloud business boost

Business enablement and cloud profitability that works for you

Cloud is the new normal, even in less mature markets, and tech companies are embracing new technologies at a faster pace. However, there is still a gap in the commercialization and the approach to bringing it closer to the users and growing at scale.

Our cloud growth services are delivered through tailor made engagements such as: Cloud business enablement programs, business transformation workshops, online services sales training, seminars, marketing resources, cloud go-to-market & business planning and individual consultancy engagements.

We offer you a full service mix for your cloud market entry, to successfully run and manage a sustainable and profitable cloud business in the long run.

Cloud as your revenue accelerator with the new way of selling

The cloud is gaining momentum and IT companies are in a great position to make a great impact on their business. However, despite the increasing adoption and success of the cloud, many IT organizations are working out how they can expand and create sustainable profitability from selling cloud services.

Companies need to understand that making cloud their revenue accelerator involves a new way of selling. With the right sales approach, organizations of any size can capture a multitude of deals and build a solid IT business.

Our Sales Enablement engagements will help shift your organizational sales motion to shorten your sales cycle, grow after the initial sale, adapt your sales compensation schemes and have better prepared cloud sellers that are ready to transform.

Sales Enablement

Digital Strategy

There’s never been a better time to be digital

Embracing digital transformation equips companies with better ways to respond to the market evolution and changing needs of existing and future clients. This shift towards a digital-first approach usually means a comprehensive enterprise transformation, which puts digital at the core of every functional business area, person, and process.

Is your company ready to go digital? How can you use technology to enable your digital transformation? What are the changes and steps that need to be taken? If your company is already into it, how can you accelerate the process?

At Consalta we believe that there’s never been a better time to define your digital business strategy. We will help you adopt and make the most out of technology to stay competitive along your digital journey.

Effective business growth programs for Microsoft Partners

There’s a huge business value for IT companies that are part of the Microsoft Partner Network. The untapped opportunity is there, and it takes work and experience to successfully market and sell your cloud services and make your business work in the long run.

We’re ex-Microsofters, providing you with a different level of engagement with Microsoft: more aligned, up to their pace of business, more successful. Our expertise is built on real life experience, latest industry insights and international best practices. Our team have 15+ years of experience in sales and management roles in the IT industry and a track record of 1000+ satisfied clients.

We will help you leverage the resources of the MPN and build the tailored cloud go-to-market strategy that will bring you significant results.

Microsoft Cloud Onboarding

Partner Channel Development

Develop your very own partner channel strategy to go global

Technology is allowing many tech companies to create a global presence. It has never been easier to reach out to foreign markets and scale your business globally through partner channel development.

At Consalta we know the key to new marketplaces is finding the right partner that will grow your revenue, decrease your time to market and provide you access to that new scenario. We have a strong commitment in setting the right ingredients to make it a successful journey and walk the internationalization way with you.

Our internationalization experts have a vast experience in cloud services and B2B digital marketing, so they will be looking at what is really relevant for you to build winning relationships with partners.

We’d love to hear what you want to achieve for your business!