The Web Summit 2016 took place last week in Lisbon, Portugal, and it is fair to say that it is the largest and most inspiring technology conference in Europe. More than 53,000 techies, entrepreneurs and speakers from 166 countries and 1,490 start-ups spread over the impressive MEO Arena and Expo ‘98 pavilions.

Three days of intensive networking in a conference that mixes up CEOs and executives from the biggest company names with startups who are hungry to show their work to investors and are looking to have their moment of glory.

The Web Summit organization has recently published the 50 top Web Summit startups: their list of the hottest startups and industries from this year’s event. They put it together by looking at who received the most investor meeting requests and which were the most viewed companies. Here’s a quick recap of the official most in-demand startups and industries:


Fintech was the most popular industry with investors, with 14 fintech startups making it to the top 50, such as Bricksave, CollectAI, Skeyecode or PassFort Limited.


AI was the second most in-demand industry just behind with 12 startups on the list, including Affectiva and Craft AI.

  1. SAAS

Seven SaaS startups made it to the top 50, including Portuguese startup CODACY, Deep Algo, AX Semantics, Contentful, Agorize or Bizimply.

Our list of the hottest Web Summit startups – Curated for B2B IT selling companies

Consalta also headed to Lisbon and we were party and witness to the buzz happening there. We spoke to dozens of startups and some are doing an incredible job. Really, hats off to the entrepreneurs who are building on big ideas!

We were especially interested in companies using disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and in those startups who presented a solution that we think could potentially help B2B companies from the ICT market improve their processes and effectiveness in lead generation.

There were many worth looking at and we’ve made a short selection which includes a mix of different tools and systems:


A social selling software system that simplifies social media and helps to convert the digital engagement into actionable business development. You can create prospects in just 3 steps: by posting, advertising and responding to prospects.


A platform with which you can generate more revenue from referrals, by launching incentive-base referral and cross-selling programs. On its dashboard teams can customize incentives in order to increase engagement, capture success stories, and case studies, and delve into analytics.


A mobile CRM app that helps sales people and small teams reach their sales goals and increase productivity. Sellers can manage prospects, customers, and deals, organize their time and collaborate with the team on the go. It centralizes the information and motivates the team with goal-progress badges.


A contact management platform for professionals and enterprises who need to get in control of their contacts and be awesome with people. Their cross-platform suite of Apps and APIs enhance contacts with insights, while keeping them organized, synchronized, up to date, and safe.

Photo via @fullcontact


A B2B web tracking software to collect high-quality leads. It analyses your traffic in real-time to identify which companies are visiting your website, and what they do there. You can view the companies on the dashboard, or use one of the 500+ integrations they have to export them to your CRM.


A system that simplifies sales follow-ups. You can share sales documents with prospects and track the consultation. You get more than a simple opening notification, an algorithm analyses their reading behaviour for you and it reveals who to call back and when to do it.


A tool that converts spreadsheets into business apps for teams and customers. Companies can instantly build apps with lists, calculations, reports for KPIs or BI dashboards based on Excel, databases or legacy systems ready to go.


The platform helps tech people organize tech conferences or meetings. It allows organizers to manage «Call for Papers» processes (speaker selection, notification), to sell tickets and to manage attendee’s details & requests (e.g. t-shirt size, food type), as well as to get insights into what they are doing to take quick and sensible decisions.


AI-powered software for human translations done at scale. It moves away from machine translation and allows companies to localize their content in languages other than English by building a conversational multilingual understanding with their customers.


A solution that enables visually automated business logic, workflows and API integration, without the need for programming – you just need to drag & drop apps and APIs then connect them with links to create custom flows. You can also monitor data and activity in real time with access to detailed reporting and metrics tools.