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Marketing in IT

How Co-Op Funding Can Halve the Cost of Your Marketing Campaign  

When talking about Co-Op funds, most partners are either eager about the possibilities that they entail or skeptical because the process seems too complex and time-consuming for you and your team to pursue. From the prior approval form to the certified proof showing that the marketing campaign has really been executed, many give up simply because it involves too much work.

While each vendor has its own set of rules, they want you to use Co-Op funds, as they consider them critical investments for their own business to drive key business priorities. From the extensive rules and guidelines to the draining claims process, many companies struggle to access these Co-Op funds, which creates frustration in initiating the funding process.

Based on feedback from vendors with whom we work, on average only 30% of partners claim their Co-Op funds. We know that the process is full of bureaucracy and intricate rules, we´ve seen it all and can wade through it easily thanks to our experience.

We can offer an easy way for you to access Co-Op funds; we will support you in envisioning the marketing activities and support you in the process of qualifying for Co-Op funds, as well as their execution and administration.

Watch our Marketing in IT: How Co-Op Funding Can Halve the Cost of Your Marketing Campaign  webcast and learn how to leverage your Co-Op funds and increase your pipeline:

How Co-Op funds can halve your marketing costs

How to ease the administrative burden of the Co-Op funds process

How to effectively use Co-Op funds

How easily claim your Co-Op funds

How to leverage your Co-Op funds to increase your pipeline

Watch our webcast and take full advantage of Co-Op funds to skyrocket your business while cutting costs at the same time!

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Gregor Dedic

Gregor Dedic

Digital Enabler & Consultant
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