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Let’s work out how you can create and foster sustainable profitability for your business, hit your revenue targets through ROI driven Lead Generation and get your company on the path to further business growth.

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73% of B2B marketers and sales leaders say a webinar is the best way to generate high-quality leads.

In the age of AI-powered chatbots, automated emails, and programmatic advertising, an emotional, personal connection is the ultimate differentiator. B2B customers are significantly more emotionally connected to their vendors and service providers than consumers and it is this connection that drives purchases.

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Most successful IT companies are open to change, even if they don’t feel fully ready! There is an alternative way of doing business, developing stronger relationships and achieving more by building a solid digital presence.

We will help you work out how you can expand and create sustainable profitability for your IT business, develop new revenue streams through smart Lead Generation and get your IT organization ready for the digital future.

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At what stage is your company? Where do you envision to be? What are your growth goals? We take the time to assess your business and better align with your priorities.


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Where others offer standardized services, we give you tailor-made experiences that will fit your organization’s context like a glove and focus on providing you with outstanding results.

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IT Solvz Ltd

Very nice session, useful experience, and needed knowledge acquired in the digital marketing field. Very nice tools proposed and examples shown.

Almoayyed Computers

"It was very informative with great examples. Showed new improved ways of marketing. Moving from our old traditional way to do digital."

ZAG Technical Services

"It was eye opening in the way to evaluate customers and identify possible candidates for Azure."

eMomentum Interactive System

"I learned a lot about different ways to carry out my sales. For example, how to talk to and handle different customers and how to close different types of clients."

eSolutions Consulting

"Best educative seminar so far and it is a very interactive way to start off a year with sales and marketing characteristics and lead generation techniques."

Logicom Solutions Ltd.

"The last 2 years attending professional MBA and today's seminar could be considered in my opinion one of these educational ones. Very constructive and comprehensive, while giving a general education, it also gives a good understanding of the solutions we are offering to our clients."


"Very good training, content, and ideas. Competent speakers and active networking with others thanks."


"Excellent event, changed many of our ideas, challenged many of our assumptions. Gave confidence that we are in the right business at the right time."

IT Stils; Exertus; RTU

"Very nice point about inbound marketing. Gathered new info and knowledge abount making money in cloud. We plan to build a SaaS and the informaton mentioned by David was very valuable… Thank you!"

SAGA D.O.O. Belgrade

"This was probably one of the best, the most useful workshop regarding cloud matter."


"Event was very helpful as a Partner Sales Executive to better guide partners in recurring business from sales, marketing to services. Case Studies were least useful component."

Rackspace GmbH

"Please offer more of these events. It definitely worths the time!"


"Was great. This training should be delivered to all roles focused on driving cloud with partners within MS."

Pulsant Ltd

"This would be a great workshop for sales and marketing to attend (Mark Johnston will know what I mean from conversation with Olen and Chris Weber)."

Bitscape Infotech Pvt Ltd

"Great session to learn good details - specifically on digital marketing plans and the points required to have right audience reach. Overall session helped unplug the already available tactics (but hidden ones)."


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The State of the Partner Channel e-book is a global report that gives an overview of the state of the digital transition of partner companies selling Cloud services. Find out the key success factors for IT vendors looking to thrive in the long run with their Cloud business.

June 26, 2017
WEBINAR: A Year of Cloud Learnings

Get a first-hand view on how IT companies around the world are handling their lead generation and sales efforts in a new digital business ecosystem and what are the key success factors to thrive in the long run with your Cloud business.

July 5, 2017
QUICK GUIDE: Leveraging LinkedIn for Social Lead Generation

LinkedIn is a powerful tool you can use to warm up your sales pipeline, boost your digital brand and craft your personal branding, yet for many companies, it remains a challenge hard to tackle. Check out this quick guide to get ideas and tips on how to optimize your presence on LinkedIn from a sales perspective, engage with prospects and have your message stand out from the crowd to reach key decision makers.

November 3, 2017
WEBINAR: Gear Up for the Digital Transformation of your FSI Customers

Discover how financial firms are embracing innovative technologies & learn the best strategies you can use to help them reshape their business.

January 7, 2019
WEBCAST: Account Based Marketing in IT – Focus on what Matters

Watch our webcast and learn how to boost the performance of your marketing initiatives with Account Based Marketing:

May 13, 2020
WEBCAST: Performance Marketing in IT: Time to Add ROI to Your Campaigns

Are you happy with the outcomes of your marketing campaigns? Do your efforts bring enough value to the business? Are you being told that your work makes a difference? If the answer to these questions is NOT a resounding YES, then watch our webcast TODAY!