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Drive revenue with your channel partners

The majority of the partners are reactive rather than selling and creating demand on the market. However, this still means you need to support and manage them by investing time and money, while you have a non-performing channel. What can you do to activate some of them?

Based on feedback from distributors and vendors with whom we work, on average 10% of partners deliver 90% of revenue. This percentage has further increased since the Cloud has become the predominant business model.

There are no other industries where this type of poor channel performance is acceptable. Imagine if car manufacturers had such low performing dealer networks.

What if there was a way to increase your channel partner revenue? Channel partner success is not linked to the number of partners you have but rather how efficiently you empower your partners and get them to sell more.

Investing in your channel partners takes a large percentage of your annual investment plan, so how can you lead them to step up to the mark? If you are either building a channel partner program from scratch or trying to scale your existing one, watch now and learn how you can increase your channel performance and keep your partners engaged. 🚀

Watch our Marketing in IT: Drive Revenue with Channel Partners Marketing webcast and learn how to boost the performance of your channel partner marketing initiatives:

How the needs of industry, channel partners and customers have changed

How to empower your partners and get them to sell efficiently

How to increase your partner channel reach

How to boost your channel performance

How to leverage MarTech solutions to scale your partner channel

During this webcast, we shared examples of how many top 20 global IT companies we have worked with have seen a 50% increase in partner engagement.

To date, over 5,000 IT marketing professionals from 100 different countries have participated in webcasts hosted by Consalta.

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