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Gear Up for the Digital Transformation of your FSI Customers

Discover how financial firms are embracing innovative technologies & learn the best strategies you can use to help them reshape their business.

The tech race in financial services is on. Are you taking the right approach to address the FSI digital opportunity?

Digitalization in the Financial Services Industry (FSI) is in full swing. FSI companies have a continuous pressure to deliver higher value features to their customers - from a cashless world, to emerging payments schemes and many others.

The Cloud is the foundation from where the FinTech start-up movement is growing. It is also the starting point of innovation for traditional organizations aiming to keep up with the new pace of their market. However, surveys suggest that only 46 percent of FSI organizations agree that their firms are adequately prepared for digital disruption.

This provides an unprecedented opportunity for tech and Cloud services provider companies eager to exploit one of the industries with the biggest potential. Join Samo Kanellopulos, Business Developer Manager with 20 years of professional experience in the IT services industry, as he shares his findings about the industry, how to start a business conversation and approach the FSI opportunity.

Who is it for:


Key learnings:

Better understand the state of the FSI industry and how firms are making significant investments to enhance customer experience and engagement through new digital capabilities.

High-level insights about innovation, latest trends and the challenges FSI organizations are facing in the new digital economy.

Ideas on how to approach your FSI customers and help them going through the Digital Transformation journey.

Insights about best working strategies from the Cloud industry to help them reshape their business.

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