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How to Use Facebook for Your B2B Lead Generation Campaigns

LinkedIn has become synonymous with B2B lead generation. But skyrocketing cost-per-lead (CPL) means you need to start looking for alternatives.

That’s where Facebook comes in. It’s got a larger (and more active) audience. And guess what?

Nearly 88% of LinkedIn users are on Facebook too. So, you could potentially reach the same people on Facebook without breaking your bank.

Additionally, Facebook possesses a treasure-trove of data on its users and provides superior ad targeting features, making it the ideal replacement for LinkedIn.

But how effective is it, really? How does it compare to LinkedIn? And most importantly, how can you use it to drive your lead generation efforts?

Download our e-book “How to Use Facebook for Your B2B Lead Generation Campaigns” where we talk about the following topics:

Facebook vs LinkedIn: A head-to-head comparison for lead generation

Types of lead magnets you should use

Best practices for ad targeting on Facebook

How to leverage ad creatives to your advantage

Lead nurturing best practices

Stop restricting your B2B lead generation efforts to LinkedIn. Charge up your lead generation campaigns by downloading the e-book and understanding how you can use Facebook to achieve better results.

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