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Marketing Agencies: Friends or Foes?

Are you starting a new marketing campaign or launching a new product? One of the things you might be considering is – will your in-house marketing department be up to the task and have the capacity or should you outsource to a marketing agency? 🤔

Does hiring a marketing agency mean that your marketing team is not good enough at their job? Not at all, but they might think so.

But we’d like to explain, why your internal marketers shouldn’t feel threatened by an external agency and instead embrace this collaboration.

It’s time to bust the misconception that your firm either has to have an in-house staff or rely only on an outside agency. On the contrary, they should operate together hand-in-hand. 🤝

In the aftermath of Covid-19, which is producing a wave of change in the sector, we need to replace this old-fashioned approach. Hiring an agency does not hint that your internal team isn’t up to the task; it’s simply an understanding that occasionally, an external partner can offer valuable insights or capacity that the in-house team can’t.

Hiring a marketing agency to work jointly with your marketing team can help you in these three ways. 👇

Additional capacity

Seasonality is a fact of life for most businesses, with highs and lows happening throughout the year. Sales and marketing teams tend to be at their busiest at these times, as lead creation is cranked up to fill the pipeline and prospects dry up. During such cases, a marketing agency can provide extra capacity to launch new campaigns and close new deals.

Get a new outlook

The familiarity of your in-house staff with your company might lead to a lack of perspective. A compartmentalized attitude might make it tough to widen your efforts or open your mind to approaches that haven't worked or even been attempted.

The clients and industries that external agencies work with are diverse. They can view the good, the terrible, and the ugly, allowing them to give you a new perspective.

Timely deliveries every time

The nature of the business of external agencies necessitates tight timeframes. A third-party agency will be at your side throughout the entire process, from conception to completion. It's possible for the agency to work alongside your in-house team to complete a project checklist, which can help get the task done faster as your in-house team is more likely to get distracted by all the other things they have to do each day. Hence, having an outside agency working with your in-house staff is beneficial.

Moreover, if a member of your team cannot fulfill a deadline, an agency can step in to fill the gap. Due to the abundance of resources and time, deadlines are less likely to be postponed.

Drive your marketing to its true potential with a marketing agency

So, as you’re well aware now, it doesn’t have to be either-or, it can be both. And in most cases, marketing agencies are just the help your marketing department needs.

If you'd like to explore the option of hiring an agency, but you're not sure, let's talk, and we will see if it makes sense for your company.

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