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Marketing in IT

Best Practices for Gaining More Clicks, Leads, and Sales

B2B technology marketers often struggle to generate leads and nurture their audiences, firstly because their focus is too oriented on their product rather than their audience’s needs. And secondly because they fail to measure their success. In fact, according to statistics, only 43% of B2B marketers say they measure ROI and only 65% have established key performance indicators for their marketing campaigns.

Regular digital marketing campaigns can be effective for IT companies, but the only way to truly measure the benefits of a campaign is through business results. It is on thing to identify key marketing challenges and try to address them, and totally other thing to run a successful marketing campaign.

Executing a successful performance marketing campaign includes:

Careful Campaign Management

Agile Targeting

Constant Communication

You cannot leave your campaign success up to chance. Performance marketing services deliver ROI-driven campaigns that produce quantifiable business results. Download the whitepaper, and learn how you as well, can get what you pay for: leads, customers, and revenue.

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