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Marketing in IT

Is your Marketing plan set for Profitability or Popularity?

Building an annual B2B marketing plan is no simple task. The plan must provide a strategy to transform business objectives into marketing priorities and goals, while outlining how to execute and reach those goals.

The B2B sales funnel has changed considerably within recent years. In the old school days – marketing would generate leads, pass it over to sales and hope they close the deal. Without a proper sales and marketing alignment strategy, the organization creates silos among key cross functional teams, ultimately breeding failure.

Regular digital marketing campaigns can be sometimes effective for IT companies, but the only way to truly measure the benefits of a campaign is through business results. It is one thing to identify key marketing challenges and try to address them, and totally other thing to run a successful marketing campaign.

Most of the Marketing teams tend to creation of a plan that falls into one of two categories: overly complex plans that are hard to understand and therefore not actionable, or overly agile plans that create a lot of activity, but not enough business impact.

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David Balazic

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